About Us

        Legend Cycle started out as Classic American Restoration in January 2003. Owner and operator Brian St.John started his restoration career at an early age disassembling, fixing, painting and reassembling bicycles. He later moved on to motorcycles while working at his Fathers Triumph Motorcycle Dealership.

        In high school his intrests escalated to cars. After graduation he joined the U.S. Air Force and spent 10 years in Aircraft Stuctural Repair where he learned and perfected sheetmetal fabrication, repair and painting skills on aircraft such as:

KC-135A Cargo Tankers,
B-52 Bombers,
B-2 Stealth Bombers

        After the Air Force Brian went to work for Pacific Fighters, a business that had recently moved to Idaho Falls from Chino, California. At Pacific Fighters he spent 5 years restoring WWII Fighter planes such as:

N.A.C.A 127 P-51D Mustang 
F4-U4 Corsair 
Princess Elizabeth P-51C Mustang
Betty Jane P-51C Mustang

         In 2003 Brian left the aircraft industry and started Classic American Restoration offering skilled and professional Restoration of Classic American Cars and Trucks.

         In 2008 Brian's interest changed back to what he truely loves, classic British motorcycles. Now at Legend Cycle we offer the best award winning restorations, repairs and maintenance both minor and major for your classic British motorcycle. we also supply the highest quality parts and accessories for those who enjoy doing the work themselves.

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